A pair of bluebirds has decided on the nesting box directly in front of the sliding glass door. Soon the wrens will take residence in one or both of the other bird houses and perhaps a tree swallow. Each year I have kept a journal of wildflower blooms and natural observations in the spirit of Edward Abbey or Aldo Leopold (Sand County Almanac). Even though the emergence of flora and appearance of wildlife is nearly the same temporally, it is as exciting as the initial observation. I am enjoying an especially vibrant bird migration this spring. for the first time in my life, I have been very close to brown thrashers who have decided as a couple to eat suet (rare, as they are reclusive and not feeder visiting). It would not be Spring without my music loving Rose Breasted Grosbeak (the one who likes Pat Metheny) visiting. Yesterday as I was painting the patio, I had Pandora playing through the blue tooth speaker and he showed up like clockwork, this time with his wife. These small moments make life rich for those that pay attention to them.

Your friend is one who answers to your needs: 
the field you sow with love, and reap with thanks; 
you seek him for your peace, to hear his heart; 
and when he's silent - still his heart you hear: 

because, with words or not, you share his joy; 
in presence or in absence he is there; 
and stronger love may in his absence show: 
the beauty of a love that asks for naught.

So tell your friend of all that ebbs and flows, 
your best and worst of what fate deals to you: 
no thought too great nor light for open minds
who share their pleasures, and their laughter too.

For in the dew of sweet and passing thoughts
each morning's fresh, for close and constant hearts. 

Kahlil Gibran

Polaroid Macro 5

Polaroid Macro 5