Lake Superior Shoreline

Cold and drizzling with the trees all shimmering in ice on the leafless tips. If it was not raining I would be out with the camera. The typical spring migration is in progress at the bird feeder. There is more variety now than any other time of the year-a mixture of those headed back to the arctic and those returning from the south. Two full feeders only last two days.

Randy of Holgamods used some of the prints from the first roll in the Holga Angulon on his website:

I need to get a lens shade and a yellow and red filter to attain more contrast, as the lens was made in 53 and is only single coated, unlike modern lenses which are double coated to provide for contrast and reduce flare. Starting off as a plastic camera with a plastic lens she is now somewhat a swine with a nice necklace...

“Never close your lips to those whom you have already opened your heart.” 
― Charles Dickens

Polaroid 680

Polaroid 680