Lake Superior Shoreline-Early Spring

Benny was supposed to see our friend, Dr. Candy Harma, today for his annual checkup, immunizations, Heartworm and Flea/Tick Rx. etc. Candy had a dog come in for emergency surgery so he will be seem next Thursday instead. He likes the vet and she treats him like I do. 

DISH sent me a UPS paid box to send back their sattelite shit and this weekend in a celebratory mood, I will dig out those two poles and dishes from my otherwise beautifully landscaped yard and piss on them :-). The Verizon Hotspot for my internet is much faster and I dont have a modem, wires, and router to clutter things up.

Now that I have unlimited data on my phone, I enjoy streaming my favorite Pandora channels over my bluetooth speaker while I work on the computer.

Man I am glad it is Friday tomorrow. Stayed late tonight to do notes from a crazy day and will have another one tomorrow, being the only mental health provider at our CBOC. Not complaining-I LOVE my work and adore my veterans.

The Polaroid 5 Macro should arrive today. As the Crocus are the first things to pop in the area, I will read the manual and give her a try this weekend.

Holga 120N

Holga 120N