Rauhallinen Farm-Interior

Since purchasing and moving to Rauhallinen Farm nearly two years ago, a number of blog readers have emailed requests to view the interior. From its beginnings in 1921, there have been many internal changes, including the back edition which serves as a family room (with the West wall showing the original stonework which was once outdoors. I have been working, piece at a time, in adding antique furniture and decor that is consistent with the age of the structure. Aside from the addition, there is a kitchen, adjoining nook/breakfast area, downstairs bathroom, dining/living room, and three bedrooms and bathroom upstairs. The downstairs is partially finished (which houses my photo studio for still life work), with the unfinished portion containing the furnace and work area. The stone walls are over two feet thick and I am sure would withstand nuclear assault should an malfeasant nation deem the wilderness of the Western Upper Peninsula a worthy target (as likely as a shopping mall opening here). Photographic Advice: When shooting interiors, to avoid the distortion you see here from using an ultra-wide angle lens (In this case, the Canon 17-40L at 17mm), you would do better to use a traditional view camera, with its many front and rear adjustments to correct for this, or a very expensive wide angle lens with tilt and shift capability.