Union River-Porcupine Mountains Wilderness

Edward Weston worked diligently, honestly, and with sincerity at his beloved, Point Lobos, just a short distance from his cabin home. The many now famous 8x10 contact prints of abstract rock and beach images have been shown in galleries around the world and are individually worth hundreds of thousands of dollars-unfortunately too late for an artist that lived hand to mouth his entire life. This sense of place that develops for photographers is a strong connection. My Point Lobos here in the Upper Peninsula has been the Union River Gorge, for over 30 years. I have worked this craggy stretch of wilderness river with 35mm, 4x5 view camera, and medium format (Hasselblad) cameras. Now it the age of digital, the landscape in this pristine and remote spot offers more expressive opportunity. Weston's sons scattered his ashes at Point Lobos and this will be one of the places I shall ask the children to do the same with mine.