Late Fall Cosmos, Rauhallinen Farm

The seasons are transitioning almost faster than awareness will accommodate. Just finished a glass of fine French wine on the patio, while Benny pestered errant blue jays and white-crowned sparrows (who are here now, along with Juncos, to herald the beginning of the great migration). Dropped off a good sized White Tailed Doe at my neighbors one 40 over (Pisco's Meat Processing), which I took yesterday, the opening day of archery for deer, with the Parker Enforcer Crossbow. She dropped where she was shot, which was a stroke of luck, since it was at dusk and tracking blood in the dark with a flashlight is a pain in the ass (aside from the fact it was raining significantly). My son, Eric, will come in two weekends following a conference in Madison and hopefully do the same. We are saving our bucks for rifle season which begins November 15. Thus far, the freezer is full of rainbow and brook trout, bass, grouse, and as of tomorrow, venison. Next Spring I plan on adding a large vegetable garden here at Rauhallinen Farm. We have drifted so far, as a culture, from the source of our food, it is a grounding experience to be at one with the harvesting of sustenance.