The Coming of Fall

Labor day-up by 4:00 AM, my normal awakening and rising hour some time now. Sitting at the desk, cooking a turkey breast in the oven (five days of freezer meals), which has heated the house, but the window next to me allows for cold temps to hit the other side of me-interesting dichotomy that is not all that uncomfortable. Those early morning thoughts are always the most productive for thinking, writing, poetry, photography print analysis, etc. A clarity of vision that the proceeding complications of the day have an uncanny knack of fucking with. Thoughts of the concept of loyalty this morning, including the sometimes derisive effects thereof, at least in the short run.  I have always had difficulty in letting go, be it in jobs or people. I once had someone close to me offer their own read, which is based on her 1920's experience as a fellow premature baby. Her notion was that due to our early issues with perceived abandonment, loyalty in adult life became more of a central theme. Because she was thought to be next to death, her parents put her in a small box and left her on the window sill (small birth weight) to perish, which she did not. I was born almost four months premature in the early 50's, prior to our current technology. As a result, I did not get to touch or bond with my mother for almost two months of incubator time.  Interesting analysis worth more pondering. Have been reading Jim Harrison's, Brown Dog, which is a compilation of all the previous Brown Dog novellas, plus one new one, which is superb. A dear friend and I read or listened to all of the previous novellas, but it has been nice to read them in order-there is a clarity in this written presentation for me that was absent in a combination of audio and visual episodes. My favorite living American author.