Ruffed Grouse Hunting in Ottawa National Forest on Sunday

 This was my first Ruffed Grouse hunting following a 39 year hiatus from the sport. Sunday was a cool and drizzly morning to walk in the thick and often dense and swampy woods that the Ruffed Grouse (Partridge) prefers, but a mindful and relaxing walk. I had previously backpacked and hiked this trail section in the Ottawa National Forest in years past and remembered flushing birds (which are known for exploding in flight a few feet in front of you, eliciting our innate startle response). They are still there. Of course, like trout holes, the location remains anonymous.  Managed to shoot one bird with the Savage Model 24 and flushed one more that I could not get a shot at, due to the thick cover. A lovely meal for Monday evening after work, cooked on the grill, complimented by buttered peas and brown rice. A Northwoods gift.