Monarch Montage

This has been quite the week for critters at Rauhallinen Farm. Two wolf sightings, one in the driveway in the early AM hours, and one last night when walking with Benny-a German Shepard colored fellow that stepped out into the road about 75 yards north of us, took a peek, then jumped into the brush. Mother black bear and two cubs in the same spot a few nights prior. Tonight, Benny and I got home from our nightly walk and when entering the family room, were greeted by a decent sized brown bat. I fetched my grandson, Aiden's, butterfly net from the barn and captured him in the kitchen after numerous futile attempts. He was unconscious from the swipe of the net and may not make it. Put him outside of the fenceline in case he wakes up. If not, he will be a still life subject tomorrow if my resident coyote pack does not consume him. Every day is an adventure here.