Abandoned Stone Building-Rauhallinen Farm

Finally-spring in the Western Upper Peninsula of Michigan, following a most difficult winter. We endured 69 days below zero, with many of them at -25 F. Less than a cord of firewood left, so I hit the back woods on the farm with the chainsaw today to cut enough to get through until it is time to shut the wood boiler down safely (such that the underground water lines do not freeze). Three new perennial beds dug last weekend, with three more today. Lined with field stone from rock piles in the woods, likely from the 20's. The extreme cold was deadly on some of the perennials and trees. A few of the spruce were winter burned and five butterfly bushes were killed. Good to be sore from digging, hauling rock, and cutting wood. After being captive indoors for months, Benny is hard to get in the house, preferring to cruise his half acre of fenced yard for hours or laying near the bird feeding station to stalk red squirrels. Six months to work in the yard, garden, roof the barn (with help from friends Tom and Sharon), replace a sliding glass door, paint, trout fish, backpack, get my grandsons, build a new deer blind for my son, etc., before the next winter arrives.