Window Detail-Central Mine, Keweenaw Peninsula

Another foot of snow in the Western UP during the last two days....this should prove to be quite a winter. Had to do the first roof shoveling on the family room addition. If you don't like the fourth season, living here would be difficult. Ordered a Harman XXV 50,000 BTU Pellet Stove, in lieu of the P43 I was originally going to go with. Don't want to scrimp to save a grand when comfort and square footage may require more BTU's. Will be installed Friday and my four legged friend will return to his spot in the family room, but in front of the stove instead of the sliding glass door. Talking to a friend who lives in the Keweenaw today (fellow VA employee and psychologist) and she noted they have already acquired 4 ft. of snow, which bests us  by a bit so far. Lake Superior in the Keweenaw and here in the Western UP is a relentless and unpredictable snow machine. I have learned that the online weather reports are rarely to be embraced with any sense of surety. I am not, nor ever have been, much of a T.V. watcher, but I have come to enjoy Life Below Zero, on the National Geographic Channel, as the families featured remind me so much of  local people here. To quote the now deceased Finlander dairy farmer father of a patient from Trout Creek...."and dats dat."