Houghton Falls State Natural Area-Bayfield County, WI

The Drifting

I shall wait for the Ruby-Throated Hummingbird
until the distant months of spring
now usurped by the fourth season
Poplar undressed
 in winter attire
wolves passing my window
saying nothing of your absence
 with the exception
of one mostly black one
they do not know you.
Cooking a venison steak
from my son's first deer
I do not remember my
but I suspect it was near
40 years ago
when I somehow
lost that part of me
my father worked so
hard to instill.
Now as an old man
it has returned and I
 fill the freezer with
sustenance from the land
and waters
where my species are more
scarce than Ravens
which suits me
when I remember what
your world did to me.

K. Carter