Gray Wolf (Canis lupis) Tracks at Rauhallinen Farm

I moved the barbecue grill in the barn for the winter last weekend. Cooked a hamburger for dinner last night and noticed that the smell, due to being enclosed, was still evident when leaving for the clinic this morning about 0700.  Came home at lunch to feed the deer and happened upon these wolf tracks encircling the barn in the fresh snow. Measured four inches at the width. Perhaps the tawny brown specimen that was trotting up the abandoned railway tracks next to the farm a few weeks back. There is a lot of anti-wolf sentiment here in the Western U.P. Frankly, I prefer them to most people...They are welcome here. Benny, my beloved 4 year old mini-schnauzer, on the other hand, must be monitored when he goes outdoors, especially during the morning and evening darkness, as he would make a fine meal.