The Girls of Rauhallinen Farm

Agnes and Adeline are regular visitors to my son's feed at his deer blind at the back of my farm. Adeline is likely a 1.7 year old female daughter, belonging to Agnes. As there are no doe permits issued in the Upper Peninsula, both are safe from Eric, other than next year's bow season. I have enjoyed feeding for him and monitoring his game camera. This is a most peaceful place. I was gifted with two wolf sightings in two days this past week. Friday, I was on my way to Iron Mountain and spotted a very large wolf (Siberian Husky in coloring) just a few miles from Marinesco. Then on Saturday morning, just after sunrise, I was admiring the plethora of birds at my feeding station (white crowned sparrows, white throated sparrows, juncos, and one tree sparrow), when a lone wolf (tawny in color) walked up the abandoned railway that joins with the south end of my property. Only a quick glimpse, but enough to remind me that I need to be careful with Benny when he is in the backyard, even inside the fence line. Winter arrived here today on 10/21 and we are scheduled for snow until Sunday.