Ferns in Fall Transition

Rauhallinen Farm is earth tone in entirety. Shades of yellow, orange, brown, red, etc., from leaves to ground cover. There is beauty in death in this natural world. I have had enough of death and personal loss in my human world in the last few years, but this transition of plant life, climate, and flora/fauna is a welcome and soothing medicinal for the soul. Coming home from work, feeding the deer, and fusing with the thoughts, emotions, and feelings of this natural world are a healing source indeed. If you are a visual artist, this is a time for Carpe Diem. As a photographer or artist, look for what one of my photographer/mentors, Fred Picker,  termed as Squall Light-that post rain, or pre-storm luminous light that is seconds in duration. Get out of the house, car, etc. and make your Art......Seize the Day.