Abandoned Bathhouse-Lake Superior, Gogebic County, MI (Little Girl's Point)

While technically it has not arrived, Fall is everywhere to be seen here in the Western Upper Peninsula. The signs are subtle as with any natural progression, but visible to those who recognize them. Fish and wildlife behavior, flora and fauna, hours of daylight-are all in transition. The Fall and Winter are my favorite seasons in the Northwoods. I am beginning to think of putting the snowblower on the trailer and taking it in for a tune-up, and have even mustered a few sideways glances at the ice shanty in the barn here at Rauhallinen Farm. Soon, my son, Eric, will be up to work on brushing out his deer blind runways and I will begin the feeding process, to have everything ready for him on opening day (November 15). I have not hunted deer in over 40 years, and will not be participating-due to a dislike of venison (and will not kill anything I do not eat).  Grouse (partridge), on the other hand, I find quite a delicacy, and will be out with the Savage over and under on opening day of small game season in search of a fine meal of lean white fowl. The dog is beginning to grow his hair out, in preparation for those -25 mornings. Time to fill the LP tank, clean the storm windows, and anticipate a limit of bluegill through the ice at Crooked Lake in the Sylvania Wilderness.