Laurium Alexandra Carter (7/15/89-7/5/2013)

On 7/5/2013, we lost our beautiful daughter, Laurium, mother of our two grandchildren, Aiden (age 5) and Nolan (age 2).  She was  ten days short of her 24th birthday. Regardless of 35 years in the mental health profession and helping others with similar losses, there is nothing to prepare a parent for this. Laurium was my most photographed child. I may have in excess of 1000 film negatives of her, from her birth onwards. Family and friends have provided us with exceptional support. Her oldest sister and her husband flew in from San Diego, her brother and his wife from Farmington, MI, and various other relatives and friends from about the country. We spent a week together, amidst all that must somehow be accomplished in the wake of profound grief. There will be nothing more emotionally numbing than sitting down with her mother, the father of her children, and our five year old grandson, explaining to him that his mother had died. You are so missed my daughter.