Lupine (Lupinus)
Our Upper Peninsula and Northern Wisconsin roadsides have begun the summer wilfdflower extravaganza, with current appearances by giant lupine, birdsfoot trefoil, daisy, forget-me-not, and buttercup. Ferns have since unfolded  and the forest canopy is now full. For the past year, since a personal loss of tremendous magnitude, I have taken to rising at 4:30 A.M.-a quiet time to write, walk the dog, and enjoy a cup of coffee on the back patio in the early morning sun. Outdoor photography is a challenge this time of the year, due to the plethora of biting insects. One can observe younger children in stores that appear as though they have chickenpox, due to being covered in mosquitoe bites. In a few weeks, things should calm down. No backpacking until later in July and August.