Bent Back Chairs

Have been doing some antique shopping for the new place. Michigan's Western Upper Peninsula has no shortage of relics. Dan's Antiques in Ironwood is highly recommended for both price and selection. Many of the still life subjects I have posted in the last year were purchased there. These bent back oak chairs were a steal and will go well in the new dining room as extras for the antique oak dining table. The snow is finally on the way out, but local lakes still have in excess of 20 inches of ice. Walleye opener in Wisconsin did not happen at all, due to the ice. Trout opener here in Michigan was a complete bust, due to the high waters. Have been on three bike rides so far in the past week-out in the area of the new home and beyond to Little Girl's Point. Road cycling in the Western U.P. is a challenge, not only due to our hills, but the shitty roads. Nice to be back in the saddle and looking forward to racking up some miles this year. ´╗┐NOT looking forward to the exegencies of moving, but a bit of mindfulness and knowledge of the tranquility of the new place will help.