River Moments

Tell her you saw me
waist deep in a chilled
current of dreams.
Tempestuous west wind
proclaiming with no refrain
a dirge for all that remains alive
moments more in a fading sun
before the great stillness
of snow and ice.
The current tugs me back like history
felt-bottomed boots struggle for
some sense of balance
and the safe harbor of the familiar-
not unlike doorknobs, light
switches, or the house key
 whose locations
with few exceptions
remain predictable. 
But the river
our great metaphor for life
covers what we can
never know
in time.
Memories flood like 
the shimmer of trout
scattering from under the bank
and hitting my legs.
K. Carter
Accompanying Video/Slide Show:  http://youtu.be/LjvrBjEdd8U  (viewed best full screen)