The last ice age in retreat
poising welcome for the Plano peoples
 through geological anomaly beyond 
 temporal comprehension.

Millennial engorgement by countless rivers
and streams
each then nameless and unexampled
in their delivery to
  31,700 square miles of Gichigami,
so later appellated by the Anishabe 
or Ojibwe if you prefer.

Wading shallow
vexed by a limitless palatte
of pebble and stone.
Ankle deep in rubber Wellies
waves momentarily
obfuscating my search.

I imagine native peoples
 likened to my current moment
 they too hearing ambient tidal
held visually spellbound by aquamarine hue
and unimaginable depths.
These Precrambrian treasures at arm's length
act as discriminative cues for
ceaseless discernment,
for collection from
 sand and icy wetness.

To be dropped
in a jacket pocket
child's sand bucket
 or any convenient
repository for
the embedded gifts of Superior.
K. Carter