On the Other Side

Corpus Collosum
as ominous and impenetrable
as the Berlin Wall
sustains some of us
on the right
(not to be confused with the right espoused by the
the political philosophy of the simple but mean-spirited miscreants ).
Without will or forced effort-
seeing the extraordinaire in the ordinary
that so often passes unoticed.
For the right-brained
these  moments become
 fused with the 
mind and heart simultaneously,
not unlike a love at many levels
Some too complex
for the language 
of left brain rationality.
Shapes, color, shades of grey,  patterns, sounds,
memory of the subtle smell of her neck and hair,
pieces of clouds,
yet unwritten music,
and a drive to
percieve and incorparate these visceral data
through the senses,
who at times,
become deluged by the storm,
but somehow manage
to fuse the experience with reason and purpose.
A place that can be
void of smart phones
(or at least smart users thereof)
or the need to tweet how many
sheets of toilet paper
one used yesterday
within the social media.
And of course,
balancing a checkbook,
reading The Economist,
or experiencing a summer
cumulus sky show
without juxtaposition,
are all but in vain
on the other side.
K. Carter